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Charitable Giving Policy


Establish reliable community relations and donation policy to create goodwill between Rocky Mountain Credit Union and the local communities we serve.


Contributions in the form of cash and/or giveaways to the community should fall into one of three categories: charitable organizations, community involvement or public relations. The receiving organization must be within RMCU’s field of membership. The amount of funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to budget limitations. The number of members who will benefit and the impact of the activity or project will be taken into consideration in each case. Charitable donations requested by a non-profit or otherwise charitable group outside of our field of membership will be considered. Donations may be requested by groups who are within the credit union’s field of membership in exchange for an advertising opportunity. (Ex: high school sports programs, yearbook ads, etc.) In some cases, other recognition (such as tickets) may be given in return for sponsorships. Other acceptable donation requests are those made to groups, organizations or institutions that are part of a community awareness campaign. Requests in this category will, in most cases, be considered for advertising/public relation exposure. These groups should be part of our community, promote the credit union mission statement or otherwise support our membership. (Ex: Chamber of Commerce giveaways, golf tournaments, etc.)

All organizations that receive donations must be willing to schedule a financial wellness session for their employees, hosted by RMCU.

  • Rocky Mountain Credit Union staff will track all donations throughout the year.
  • All copy and artwork are to be approved by credit union prior to publication.
  • Charitable donations and sponsorship requests must submit a written request to kfleiner@rmcu.net.

Rocky Mountain Credit Union DONATION POLICY

Rocky Mountain Credit Union’s philosophy of “people helping people” is synonymous with our commitment to help support educational programs and provide partnership opportunities within our schools and communities. We actively support the credit union movement and believe our number one priority is to provide services and assistance in order to help improve the lives of members and their families within our community.

RMCU receives many solicitations for donations, volunteer support and community sponsorships. The following provides a guideline for how requests are considered. Last year, RMCU donated more than $50,000 in cash and in-kind support to various schools, foundations, and local organizations that fit within the RMCU eligibility guidelines. We continue to work with signature charities including CHOC and Children’s Miracle Network, BBBS, Intermountain Children’s Home, and MCUCD. These guidelines will not cover every possibility, special need or opportunity. RMCU may make exceptions while considering the purpose for making contributions.

Contribution Guidelines

To be eligible for contributions, organizations must be in line with the credit union movement. RMCU will give special consideration to those organizations whose goals and objectives are consistent with credit union philosophy.

We will consider contributions for:

  • Education-related events
  • School sports teams and other school-sponsored clubs
  • Credit union movement
  • Educational advancement
  • Financial literacy
  • School district school employee events
  • Organizations falling within our field of Membership

RMCU does not make contributions for:

  • Advertising or underwriting expenses
  • Campus student organizations, fraternities, sororities, honor societies
  • Political/partisan endorsements
  • Individuals seeking funds for personal endeavors
  • Merchandise promotions
  • Tuition

Types of contributions we may make:

  • Monetary donations
  • Time donations
  • Other resources (promotional items, seminars, fundraisers, etc.)

Monetary Donations

All requests for monetary donations must be submitted online through the RMCU’s Donation Request Form. Requests must be made at least 30 days in advance of the event date. The Business Development Specialist will review all request.

Other Resources

RMCU may choose to contribute to the community through other resources. Examples include food banks (canned food drives), school supply donation containers in branches, and displaying of posters. Participation for these types of requests and participation will be decided by the Business Development Specialist at RMCU.

Promotional items donations will be limited to items in stock. Business and Community Development maintain records of all items donated.