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The Difference Between Buying and Leasing a Car
Jan. 20, 2021

Deciding whether to lease or buy is a matter of balancing lifestyle and financial choices. While it’s most common to pay cash or take out a loan when you’re shopping for a new car, there are other choices out there...

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Why You Need a Roth IRA with RMCU
Jan. 13, 2021

There are plenty of advantages to planning for retirement with a Roth IRA. But when you're just starting to dip your toes in the waters of personal financial planning, all the options can seem a bit daunting. That doesn't have...

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SavvyMoney Can Help You Stay On Top of Your Credit
Jan. 06, 2021

Your credit score is a vital part of your financial health and wellness. When was the last time you got a checkup? With Rocky Mountain Credit Union’s SavvyMoney tool, you can keep an eye on your credit score with sophisticated...

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Skate Past Your Loan Payment With Holiday Skip-A-Pay
Dec. 23, 2020

  The holidays mean time with family, great food, and fun by the fire. But when that time of year is here, you don’t want the season of joy and light to be marred by financial concerns and a tightened...

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Get Gifts and Gear Stress-Free with the Holiday Helper Loan
Dec. 16, 2020

  Getting the gifts and gear you want this winter is as easy as applying for a Holiday Helper Loan from Rocky Mountain Credit Union! In a time of togetherness and fun, lights and good cheer, you want to be...

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Find Yourself a New Home for the Holidays With an RMCU Mortgage
Dec. 09, 2020

“There’s no place like home for the holidays” –  we sing it and say it, even dream of it, for a reason. That sense of cozy warmth and family make nesting inside your home for winter snow flurries the ultimate...

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Kelly's Korner: Budgeting for the Holidays During COVID-19
Dec. 02, 2020

2020 has been quite a year, and we are almost to the finish line. The holiday season concludes the year in what is often a joyous time to celebrate with family and friends. However, the holidays can also be a...

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Treat Yourself with the Holiday Visa Rewards Card
Nov. 25, 2020

The holidays are here, and we could all use a little something extra to celebrate stuffing our stockings. That’s where the VISA Platinum Rewards Card comes in. When you spend money, your points grow, rewarding you with post-holiday getaways, gift...

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6 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Holiday Budget
Nov. 11, 2020

  The holly jolly holidays are coming up—a time of joy, laughter, and family fun. But for many, this time of year can cause a lot of financial strain and stress, with expensive gifts to buy and peak-season holiday travel...

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Getting Your First Credit Card
Nov. 04, 2020

  Signing up for your first credit card can seem like a right of passage on par with getting your driver's license or heading off to college. But there are a few things to know before you head happily off...

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Lender Spotlight: Alan DeWit
Oct. 28, 2020

  Our lenders at Rocky Mountain Credit Union help make dreams a reality. Whether you want to buy a car, start a business, or move into your first home, our lenders are experts in helping you achieve your goals. With...

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RMCU's Digital Transformation
Oct. 21, 2020

  Let’s get digital at RMCU. As the world shifts and changes around us, we’re fully engaged with adapting. And in the realm of credit unions, that means offering more and doing more for members, both in-person and virtually. We’re...

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