Budgeting for Summer Camp

May. 06, 2020

  The warm summer nights and days filled with fun activities, new friends, and skills that will help guide them into adulthood: summer camp. Many families dream of sending the kids to camp, but it can sometimes be hard to...

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Kelly's Korner –– Cost-Effective Moving Hacks

Apr. 29, 2020

So this month, amid all the COVID-19 chaos, I decided to pick up and leave Helena for Bozeman. It has been an adventure; let me tell you. I only moved about 9 miles away, but what a different world. While...

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Three Tips for Buying a Home

Apr. 22, 2020

  You are thinking about buying a home; congratulations! This is an exciting time. Whether this is your first home or your seventh, you probably want to know all the insider tips and tricks to get the best information in...

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Have Work Expenses; Why Not Get Rewarded?

Apr. 15, 2020

If your business or organization has you pay for work-related travel or office expenses and then reimburses you later, you have an ideal opportunity to make even more out of it. You already have to travel for work, so why...

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Kelly's Korner –– Spring Cleaning and Tips for Transitioning out of Winter

Apr. 08, 2020

When I decided on this topic for a blog, it was long before the COVID-19 Pandemic had hit the United States. After thinking on the subject for a few weeks during the Pandemic, I decided there wasn't a better time...

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3 Do’s and Don'ts for Entrepreneurs Pitching Investors

Apr. 01, 2020

Leaping into the entrepreneurial lifestyle can be fun and exciting, but there are also plenty of nerve-wracking elements that go along with it — like finding investors. You already believe in yourself. Next, you need to get others to believe...

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Sustainable Living Options for Your Home

Mar. 25, 2020

  Living sustainably isn’t just a fad—it’s the way of the future. And aside from being good for the planet, making your home more sustainable can do great things for your wallet and your bank account balance when it helps...

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Commercial Line of Credit: Managing Your Business Year-round

Mar. 18, 2020

  Right now, we are facing a particular lull in business, due to COVID-19. But for many Montana businesses, we are heading into "shoulder season," when the tourism tends to trend down, and the locals take a breath before summer...

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Tax Returns and Big Purchases

Mar. 11, 2020

Tax season doesn't have to be stressful. When your tax return clears, it's tempting to blow it on something that you want in the moment that won't serve you in the long run. But you can spend bigger than that...

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New Year, New Mortgage

Mar. 04, 2020

There are all sorts of ways to start in on your 2020 financial goals. This is the ideal time to look things over and see where you could be doing better financially. Once you've stopped buying expensive lattes and you're...

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Kelly's Korner –– How To Spring Break on a Budget

Feb. 26, 2020

Have you had enough of Montana winter? Planning that spring break adventure that hits the record books? Are you wondering if your budget can even afford spring break? Well, you are not alone. Nerdwallet recently conducted a survey that examined...

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Budgeting for Baby

Feb. 19, 2020

When you have a baby on the way, lots of things can seem overwhelming. And with all the new experiences coming your way, it can be daunting to think about how much everything will cost. But with a few budget...

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