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You may have noticed that our online banking has changed! Please read through the following:

In order to provide you better security with your online transactions bill pay will no longer work on older and outdated systems. We always encourage our members to use updated browsers and operating systems to ensure the highest level of security for your transactions. Below is a list of supported browsers and operating systems that will continue to work with bill pay after November 16th. 

Web Browser  Operating System
Internet Explorer Version 11 Windows 7 and above
MS Edge- All Versions Windows 10
Firefox version 31 and above Windows XP and above
Safari version 6 and above Mac OS
Google Chrome version 42 and above Windows Vista/7, Mac OSX







Mobile Browser  Operating System
Native Adroid Browser (LG G3) Android v4.4.2+
Chrome v39+ Android v4.4.2+
FireFox Mobile v8+ Android
Safari iOSv8+ (iPhone/iPad), iOS v5.0.1, iOS v2.2



When you log on to your online banking for the first time, enter your current account number and click "Login" to proceed. You will be prompted to enter your existing online banking password, create 5 new security questions, and then select a secure image. Please continue through the process until you reach your main accounts page. 

Online banking login form example









• Members with the RMCU mobile banking app on their iPhones: There is an issue with the new mobile banking app working with iOS (the standard Apple operating system). Apple is currently working to resolve this issue. The estimated time for this fix to be complete is by tomorrow, September 1st at 5 pm. Members can keep trying to log on to the mobile banking app as this issue is intermittent to users. Some members have successfully loaded and logged on, while others get kicked out. Again, we expect mobile banking to be working for all members with IOS by tomorrow, September 1st, at 5pm. 

• Members who use the Quicken and/or Bill Pay feature should expect a small delay in service while we make this conversion

• Check images will not be immediately availabe on this new platform; please contact your local branch to request an image at no charge in the interim