RMCU 2022 Web Graphics Alerts

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Scam Warning – Fraudulent text messages are being sent to both our members and non-members claiming to be from Rocky Mountain Credit Union. These messages are not from us. Please DO NOT click on any link, call any phone numbers provided, or give out any account information. Protect yourself from fraud texts like these by deleting them without opening, and block the phone number they come from.

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How To Spot A Scam.

Like spring cleaning for your finances, Financial Literacy Month is a great time to dust off your knowledge for spotting and avoiding scams. The best way to make a clean getaway from a scam? Listen to how they tell you to pay.

If someone tells you:

  • “Pay us by putting money on a gift card and then give us the number on the back.” — That’s a scam.
  • “We’ll send you a check, deposit the check, and then send us the money.”— That’s a scam. (That check will later turn out to be fake and you will be on the hook for the money.)
  • “You have to pay us by sending money through a money transfer company like MoneyGram or Western Union.” — That’s a scam.
  • “Go to a store with a cryptocurrency ATM, put your money in to buy cryptocurrency, and use this QR code to send it to this address.” — That’s a scam.

For more information please visit the FTC's website.

WALMART.COM Increased Fraud Alert

We are currently experiencing high volumes of fraudulent transactions from WALMART.COM. Our fraud team is working diligently to combat these instances. In the meantime, to protect our members from this fraud we have blocked transactions from WALMART.COM. If you need to purchase from WALMART.COM, you will receive a fraud alert via email, text and/or phone call from our fraud services team. You can verify the transaction and continue your purchase with confidence.


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Keeping Your Information Safe In The New Year

Visit the Federal Trade Commission for updated information on keeping your information safe.

Phone Scams 2021

Visit the Federal Trade Commission's website for more information.

Common Scams 2021

Montana Department of Justice Office of Consumer Protection website has the most up-to-date listing of common scams.

Scam Alert! Amazon Impersonator Scam

Visit the Federal Trade Commission's website for more information.