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Frequently Asked Questions


Hours may vary - visit contact us for current hours.

If your credit card is lost or stolen you can report it by calling numbers below:

Lost/Stolen Cards: 833.277.9333
After Hours:

We do not accept physical foreign currency (coin/paper “cash”). We can take checks/money orders in foreign currency including Canadian. There is a service charge to process. Processing time can take as much as 2 weeks in some cases longer. Funds are credited at the end of processing.

Yes in every branch, free for members to use.

Yes, in every branch which is a free service for members.

Yes. Are you traveling outside of Montana, give us a call to place a travel notice on your card? Just give us a call or send us an email to add a travel notice to your account so that you may use your debit card while you’re traveling. If you’re not traveling please contact us so that we may look into your account and see what the specific issue may be.

For more information contact us

Please note that you can still use your debit card with your PIN outside of the states listed above even if you haven't notified us.